“It’s Dead.” Adjusting his Bose headphones as he calmly sets a french-pressed coffee on the workspace next to him, the photog whiz continues.

“Old school marketing tactics - be it radio, television or newspaper ads - any tactic sans relationship is a relic of the past. Voted Best Dentist? Laundry list of accolades? Say goodbye to it all. That shit doesn’t matter anymore. It’s dead. Gone. Bye Felicia.” 

I’d like to introduce you to my man Dillon J. Shook. If you haven’t met the guy, what you’ll immediately notice is his low key demeanor and subtle swag. You find yourself drawn in, yet can’t quite figure out why. 

Maybe it's his signature style (converse hi-tops, black skinny jeans, white tee, beaded chain) and covert cologne. 

Or could it be the feeling that although he’s the quietest guy in the room… he’d be the first to fuck shit up, if necessary. 

More likely than not however, it’s because you can feel the truth, that Dillon is a savage artist, powerhouse creative and considered one of the sickest photographers in the industry. 

Born and raised in Colorado, Dillon moved to California to pursue a career in photography and filmmaking. His raw talent and minimalist style earned him collaborations with influential brands like MVMT watches, Forever 21, Original Grain, The Goods LA, Pocavi, and Redbull. He’s also worked with models, musicians, actors and has been published in Nude Magazine, The Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry and Inside Dentistry.

The question therein lies - how the fuck did this copacetic, talented brand aficionado find himself in the company of dentists? 

“When you look through my portfolio, you’ll notice it’s not just about the image aesthetic. What strikes you is the emotion, the nostalgia, the feeling you’ve created around a brand. In dentistry you have brands as in any other industry, but for whatever reason ‘brand feeling’ doesn’t exist - everything is sterile! I ask, when did it become okay to let go of that responsibility, to bridge the gap between your abilities as a healer and the deepest desires of your clients? And why is no one else asking that question.”

Enter Dr. Galen Detrik.

“When Galen first reached out to me years ago now, I was confused as hell as to why a Cosmetic Dentist would want to work with somebody like me. But he & Davina opened my eyes to the calamities that plague dentistry today - from the influence of BIG DENTAL (Dental Insurance, DSO’s and Dental Supply Companies)… to their combined contribution to the Machiavellian system that has turned valuable, emotive dentistry into nothing but a sterile commodity.”

Dillon continues “When I saw their vision for bringing brand, style and a punchy vibe back to the field, I was all in. I thought, I can help with that! Nothing excited me more than to be a part of THRIVE’s mission, to disrupt the status quo and dismantle the system. It was time to light some shit up.”

Now Dillon is an AVANT Masterclass & TRAFIK Masterclass Co-Instructor, graphic designer, photographer, filmmaker & CMO for The THRIVE Dentists. 

AVANT and it’s sister course TRAFIK, are not for the weak of mind. If you can’t handle the sheer power and inspiration required to rework old beliefs, these courses aren’t for you.” He continues, “We take the basic, lifeless content that’s all around us saturating feeds and we dig deep to make it beautiful. We help our tribe bring story, beauty and emotion into their practice brands. Luxe and loved, that’s our motto - make it gorgeous and make it mean something. Our docs don’t have to sell chairside, because they tell online through what we teach them - that’s a fabulous start to our big-picture mission.” 

A master of his craft, the photographer discussed his minimalistic style - that less is more. And the more he says, is endless.

“I find that with our stripped down  methodology, anyone out there can up level their photography & video game. No excuses, it’s top-shelf techniques distilled for the doc in the trenches.”

When it came to the question of whether or not the THRIVE Continuum (and in particular his baby AVANT) delivers results, Dillon let out a laugh and remarked quite honestly...

“We drop the knowledge, share our techniques and support our docs in ways you can’t imagine… and with all things, the results are up to you. We will challenge your beliefs about what is and isn’t possible. We’ll uncover truths and latent potential. There’s no doubt about any that… that’s WHAT we do best. The question will always be, are you willing to face those truths? Are you willing to  burn the rule book and curate your own manifesto?”


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