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The VOGUE Masterclass

The checklists, documents & systems THRIVE BioAesthetics has in place for virtual consultations, comprehensive dentistry and concierge niche branding.

My ENTIRE virtual fly-in client system, every detail fine-tuned and honed to perfection and maximum simplicity.

  • All of the documents & checklists my executive and dental assistants Melody & Brittany created and mastered.

  • What to do when things go wrong, how to avoid costly mistakes, and what I do to optimize fly-in client workflow.

  • 20 days (M-F for 4 weeks) of unbridled Voxer access to me, Dr. Galen Detrik with no questions off limits... what I charge, my biggest failures, my greatest successes, what platforms I use, labs, materials, how to get started, how to leverage, why it adds way more than profit to your bottom line, you name it, I will answer each of your burning questions in depth.

  • BONUS!!! - How I systematically turn "your fees are too high" into "when can we begin?" with just two paragraphs of written word, patient dependent psychology and confidence.