How The Thrivestyle Came To Be

a little bit about Galen & Davina


THRIVEStyle is Door #3, the option no-one believes is possible: at first. It's not less or excess. It's not me or them. In fact, the answer is much simpler.

We call it the AND: All or Nothing... Decide.

We built THRIVE on the bedrock of a rhetorical question: who doesn't want more Time, Happiness, Relevance, Income, Variety and Experiences?

Everyone of course! So why don't they have it all? What or who is stopping them?

Well, the answer to that question is the CEcosphere™.

Designed with a single purpose, every Masterclass, Coaching program, LIVEvent, lecture, interview, publication and clinical case are about three things...

1. understanding what stops us from THRIVING
2. pushing past our own shit to THRIVE once more
3. helping you THRIVE faster and more sustainably

That's our life's work in a sentence or three.

Let's face it though, it's a fancy elevator pitch of WHAT we do. Not WHO we are or WHY we do it.

So let's start over again...

Here's the real reason we stop at nothing to turn our daily evloutions into dentistry's revolutions.

Dr. Galen Detrik (that's me) and Dr. Davina Detrik (that's my woman crush turned wife turned co-founder of THRIVE) grew up in the hard-working towns of rural New Mexico.

That's important because...

Many of the so-called 'gurus' lead you to believe that "life was hard once, but when you arrive, you too can finally live easy!"

But wait... who said hustle had to come with the grind? Probably someone who wasn't al that good at working in the first place...

We take a different approach...

We love work. Yes, I said LOVE.

It was incepted into our DNA to create and better things, to live autonomously and to pioneer. We are, after all, from the wild west!

You just have to know, that when you place value on very real things like creativity, autonomy and leadership, real work and persistence are essential ingredients.

There is a fundamental disparity between life-sucking monotony and light-you-the-fuck-up mission... one drains, and the other fuels.

So which do you experience as a dentist?

THRIVE stands for the possibility & power of work weeks you jump out of bed for.

THRIVE stands for immensely profitably days that grow your wealth & better your health.

THRIVE stands for work that satisfies, work that lasts, and work committed to the creation of more Time, Happiness, Relevance, Income, Variety & Experience.

That's WHY we reinvented dental CE...

Each of our products is built with supreme intention, to help you embody a success that never "arrives", because it's always present.


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