In our 12 Masterclass Continuum, AVANT is Step 3.

Brace yourself for a graduate level masterclass taught simply and efficiently, on how to document your craft and powerfully leverage it to create a niche brand, dominating your market with photo, video and all 6 visual storytelling mediums.


I was amazed. AVANT is one of a kind because it includes, but goes far beyond the technical aspects of dental photography to capturing the power and story in what we do as dentists. I think it’s so so cool that a professional photographer is one of the instructors. The modules are easy to digest, they break it down simply for you and it’s all I could have hoped for in a course.

Dr. Andy Lewis
Seattle, WA

The AVANT Masterclass is so far ahead of its time it’s unreal. The aesthetic of the entire program is bang-on and cohesive, from the imagery, video & color schemes, even down to typeface… you can tell a rare attention to detail and volume of expertise were employed to create something special for docs like myself. I loved the value, from mentorship to LIFETIME content and access. Thanks guys for producing a next level dental CE course… love from Canada!

Dr. Wailan Chan
Ontario, CA

I know AVANT isn't magic, but it’s shocking how well their system [DRKRM] works and how freakin' simple it is. We all buy stuff based upon proof, what it looks like and feels like. Dentistry should be no different. I get now what they meant when they explained how we subconsciously make emotional decisions and how a powerful visual storytelling technique is invaluable in speaking to emotions AND logic! Do yourself a favor and take this unbelievable course.

Dr. Tiffany Paiva
Austin, TX

AVANT is easily one of the best investments I've made early in my dental career. The techniques you learn enhance both your clinical & creative skillsets immensely. I love the ability to rewatch the videos on my own time, the lifetime content, private group Q&A and their presets - absolute fire! I take professional grade photos now, with a MNMLST setup versus spending thousands of dollars on confusing equipment... game-changer!

Dr. Kyle Viloria
Greenville, NC

The AVANT Masterclass was by far one of the best courses I've ever taken. They said it best in one of the modules that we become CE junkies because we're constantly looking for the answer to practice success, but never start with the fundamentals of an iconic patient experiences. These guys are different, the content is superb and they focus on what matters most, the stuff that moves the needle!

Dr. Cody Kriegel
Iowa City, IA

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed taking AVANT and what it's done for me. The mentorship from Galen and Dillon was extraordinary and unlike any other course I’ve ever taken that way. They drastically improved my client portraiture technique which was a big goal of mine, and go into detail about how to edit your photos with light room and photoshop, which has lacked in all other courses I've taken. They even inspired my new dental copywriting business!

Dr. Saleha Mahmud
Baltimore, MA

I have been in private practice for almost 25 years now, and have utilized dental photography for almost as long. The simple and repeatable system behind AVANT is nothing short of exceptional. My photography game has evolved from acceptable yet unremarkable, to compelling & downright emotive. As an aside, it's no coincidence that I've had the highest conversion rate ever in my practice, since implementing the DRKRM system from AVANT… thanks gents!

Dr. David Bennett
Denver, CO

AVANT is a unique, modern, contemporary photography & video course with a sexy vibe that truly delivers in a way no other CE can. So happy I came across these guys on Instagram. Truth is, I can’t wait to take another course from them, the workflows are so clean. I took this Masterclass as a new grad… BEST MONEY I’ve invested fresh out of the institution, hands down!

Dr. Hoss Rohani
Dayton, OH

I originally signed up for AVANT so I could showcase my dentistry and communicate better with my patients. I came from a place where I had a camera but was intimidated by it, so it sat on my shelf! However now, there’s been such a tremendous leap in my skill behind the lens that I can handle any lighting situation, composition, photo editing, video, you name it! This is probably the best money I’ve spent on my continuing education to date… seriously.

Dr. Sarah Hubert
Brooklyn, NY

I saw Dr. Detrik lecture at the AACD a few years back and really loved his minimalistic style when it came to practice philosophy and aesthetic. It had me hooked. I’ve since taken his 3-day course at the Center for Esthetic Excellence in Chicago, and several of the THRIVE Masterclasses, including AVANT. All I can say is, it’s been a game-changer. From the inspiration he and Dillon provide, to the simplicity of the material, and fervent obsession they both have to get each and every student results, there’s no CE course like it.

Dr. Jesse Ritter
Baltimore, MA

Portraits... those are the images patients empathize with, the ones that inspire them to take action on their smile desires and NO ONE teaches portraits like AVANT. No one. It’s an online course which is great because with a family, it’s hard to get away to take a weekend course most of the time. I can’t recommend AVANT highly enough. It honestly just feels like a course every dentist will need to take in the end. Thanks for building this!”

Dr. Andrew Bartish
Cincinnati, OH

When I first started out, I didn’t know how to change the settings on my camera, much less how and when - it was a nightmare! Now, I have the skillset but what’s more, I see and understand those subtle details that make up beautiful imagery and video. Dillon & Dr. Detrik are such great mentors, both incredibly generous with their time, attention and passion. I get to learn from the comfort of my own home too, and sit in my big comfy couch while I watch and rewatch modules. It’s amazing and I can’t recommend AVANT highly enough!

Dr. Danielle Cascioli
Chicago, IL

The most comprehensive curriculum ever designed for creating a unique STYLE and BRAND that showcases what you're capable of, that educates your patients and does all your selling through telling!




Inside LVL 1 - Concept, we'll guide you through 5 uncommon masteries using your DSLR camera as the most powerful tool in your toolbox, as well as 5 common mistakes most every dentist makes and how you can avoid them with just a little practice. We break down a case study trailer we created using all six mediums of visual storytelling (dental photography, videography, portraiture, sound design, vfx and copywriting) to show you how you too can become dangerous with your camera!

Inside LVL 2 - Business, we take it a step further into the systems, strategies and workflows necessary to master visual storytelling. Most dentists have the same problems when it comes to capturing their work:  it's either too complex and difficult to implement, or they just don't have enough time to make it routine. These problems melt away with some of the most powerful tips, tricks and systems we've ever created. In fact, this course will impact your entire practice and lifestyle, and set you apart from your competition for good. THRIVE is all about information leading to transformation - turning clinically acceptable into mind-blowing gorgeous! That part is actually quite easy - the real leaps and bounds come with integration and this is how you make attainable, sustainable!

Inside LVL 3 - Technique, we turn you into an absolute powerhouse behind the lens and laptop. From gear to lighting, composition, focus, design, editing and so much more, the truth is this isn't a photography course... it's a graduate level masterclass in the art and science of setting your brand apart from the rest with THE MOST punchy, luxe, empowering, educational, bold and creative content around. Everything from settings and presets, to graphic design and lab communication, capturing professional grade patient portraits that emotionally tear at the heart strings (literally taught by a fashion photographer from LA, not a dentist), dental photography, artistic captures and the most incredible video course in dentistry by miles, this is a one-stop shop for those of you wanting to learn how to become scientific in your artistry, using the mediums of visual storytelling to communicate your message to your people!


They came to us wanting more than clinically acceptable... they wanted mind-blowing, show-stopping, lights-out, make a statement gorgeous!

So that's PRECISELY what we helped them achieve!


This is just one of innumerable examples of our docs crushing the video game, telling their patient's stories in luxe, emotive fashion! Dr. Jesse Ritter of Baltimore and his wife/fellow dentists Dr. Saleha were the ones behind the lens on this one, capturing the entire testimonial with just a single camera, a technique we teach at length within AVANT LVL 3: Technique!


We like to keep payment options simple.



Save 20%

LVL 1: Concept

  • 90 Minute 'Birds Eye' Video
  • Downloadable Presentation
  • Complimentary Audio MP4

LVL 2: Business

  • Six (6) Instructional Videos
  • Downloadable Presentations
  • Complimentary Audio MP4s

LVL 3: Technique

  • Twenty-Four (24) Instructional Videos
  • Downloadable Presentations
  • Complimentary Audio MP4s




$1,000 / MO

4 Easy Monthly Payments

LVL 1: Concept

  • 90 Minute 'Birds Eye' Video
  • Downloadable Presentation
  • Complimentary Audio MP4

LVL 2: Business

  • Six (6) Instructional Videos
  • Downloadable Presentations
  • Complimentary Audio MP4s

LVL 3: Technique

  • Twenty-Four (24) Instructional Videos
  • Downloadable Presentations
  • Complimentary Audio MP4s




$400 / MO

12 Easy Monthly Payments

LVL 1: Concept

  • 90 Minute 'Birds Eye' Video
  • Downloadable Presentation
  • Complimentary Audio MP4

LVL 2: Business

  • Six (6) Instructional Videos
  • Downloadable Presentations
  • Complimentary Audio MP4s

LVL 3: Technique

  • Twenty-Four (24) Instructional Videos
  • Downloadable Presentations
  • Complimentary Audio MP4s



Meet Dr. Galen Detrik and Dillon J. Shook, your accomplished sherpas on this incredible journey of injecting massive creativity, individuality and excitement about what you're conjuring up, into your armamentarium!

Hello there, I’m Galen, a precision cosmetic & rehabilitative dentist in Albuquerque, NM. I’ve been published in the JCD and Inside Dentistry, taught at the AACD, the Center for Esthetic Excellence, DIA and am the pioneer of the THRIVE Model, the most optimized version of clinical dentistry in existence! You can consider me your AVANT Sherpa for all things casework, artistic, copy, composition and story!

I’m Dillon, a professional photographer from Los Angeles. I’ve been published in the JCD, Inside Dentistry, Nude Magazine, campaigns for Red Bull, MVMT Watches, Forever 21 and tons more! You can consider me your AVANT Sherpa for all things portraiture, lighting, social media, editing, workflow and video.

Frequently Asked Questions

Great question and an easy answer... Dr. Detrik uses a Nikon and Dillon uses a Canon so we teach techniques for BOTH setups!

That way, whichever rig you have, Nikon or Canon, no problem!

Honestly, you could come to us with a Minolta and we'd still get you taking unbelievably hot photos with any rig in no time!

We also give gear recommendations inside The AVANT Masterclass if you've never bought a camera before and are in the market, as well as the accessories like dual flashes that you'll need to take things over the finish line!

We used to doubt this too! In fact, in all honesty we weren't entirely sure AVANT would work the first time out of the gate!

But wow oh wow! We are and continue to be SHOCKED and AMAZED by the insanely fire results our docs get.

Not just that, they are CREATING, doing their own things! Some started media side-hustles like Dr. Jesse Ritter, who's video testimonials will move you like no other.

Others have been invited to lecture like Dr. Tiffany Paiva, or sponsored by major brands like Oral B (Dr. Andy Bartish) because of their crazy good imagery, video, portraiture, editing skills and more.

All things they learned ONLINE, inside AVANT!

The truth is, when we analyzed why we doubted online in the first place, we were making several incorrect assumptions.

With time to watch and rewatch the content on your own time from the comfort of your own home, there's no end to the learning, unlike a weekend warrior hands-on course.

But what about when you have a problem setting up your rig, can't find a setting, or... we've gt you covered inside our LIFETIME access Private AVANT Slack thread, a free app that allows you to shoot us images, questions, thoughts and more. Ask us anything M-F and we'll take care of you personally!

Love this question!

Ok, so we've actually put together something pretty damn cool... a custom PDF with hyperlinks for the following:

Nikon Budget Setup

Nikon Dream Setup

Canon Budget Setup

Canon Dream Setup

We even have select deals and discount codes associated with some of the major brands you'd want to buy from when it comes to backdrops, lighting, contrasters, retractors, etc!

In addition to specific gear necessary to achieve the outcomes we teach, you will of course need a stable internet connection, laptop and/or smart phone to access the learning content.

The easiest answer? A LIFETIME!

Seriously, it's yours forever.

You bought it, you own it. This is one of the most distinct features of ALL THRIVE Masterclasses. They never expire, ever.

AND if that wasn't enough... we also added in the crazy bonus of LIFETIME Mentorship within our Slack Thread, a private group on a free app called Slack where you can share casework images, portraits, links to videos you've shot, you name it and we will help you achieve ninja status behind the lens!

We do a lot of things different than most. That's more or less our trademark.

If you go to a traditional course, you're going to learn how to do dental photography, some glam shots of your patients and if it's really solid, a tiny fraction of what's possible with video.

Want to know the crazy truth though?

VIDEO is the most important!

We start with dental photography, then take it places you didn't even know existed, AT NO ADDED COST TO YOU! That's just not how we roll, we care about you boo.

Video? Got you covered. And honestly, we do the best video around, we're not even a little bashful about saying that. Seriously, check it out... our videos are so cool the big names in dentistry constantly ask us how we do it... and we tell the, "Take AVANT."

We also hit you with copywriting, editing, workflow, storytelling, graphic design, visual effects like a dope intro to all of your practice videos, sound design, sound effects, licensing and SOOO much more I'd tell you about if my hand wouldn't fall off before I was done typing!

Of course! You have two options:

OPTION #1 - utilize the chat function on this page!

OPTION #2 - email Ethan at [email protected]

It absolutely is, and is by far and away the most immersive 12 month experience in dental CE that money can buy.

Your understanding of business will skyrocket, your quality of life will transform for the better, your mental fortitude will rival that of the best in the game, and your clinical skillsets, content creation, social presence, demand and command of the market and so much more will genuinely blow you away!

All of that, and for less than the price of the average dental consultant who simply cannot teach you a fraction of what you're about to learn in the groundbreaking THRIVE Continuum.

If it's your time to go big, check out the two payment options we offer:

Pay In Full (save $10,000):  CLICK HERE >>

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We're proud to say hell yes!

All continuing education hours you clock are eligible through PACE AGD.


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