We're two dentists (Drs. Galen & Davina Detrik) with one purpose... NEVER RETIRING!

There was a time when each of us drove 3 hours per day, earning just enough to SURVIVE and pay our student loans. No autonomy. No assets. No love for the game.

Life was monotony, work was work and we wanted more.

NOW, it couldn't be any more different, from multi-million dollar businesses we built & own, to a network of THRIVE dentists in 5 continents who have joined our Tribe.

We don't have a "secret", just a killer SYSTEM that works. So we invite you to stay a while and see if it might work for you too!  We'd love to get to work for and with you friend.

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You may have seen our faces, heard our voices or read our minds in the following journals, podcasts and conferences!


Want to heighten and enhance your brand? Download a visually stunning, 18-page FREE PDF that showcases the simplistic camera settings and tactical marketing strategies we use to reach our clientele digitally.


The PROLIFIK Mastermind

An Elite Guest Interview Series

Truth... I really wanted an excuse to talk to the most brilliant minds & leaders outside dentistry and needed a reason to pick their brains about how to better my own practice.

Dare... join me as I interrogate global thought leaders. We talk. We listen. We destroy goals.


Epic Guests

Best-selling authors, fitness gurus, multi-millionaires, marketing mavens, celebrity coaches, global podcasters... there's a reason we call it PROLIFIK...

Unorthodox Wisdom

You may know how to design a gorgeous smile, but what about the art of business, marketing & sales? These elite guests are masters...

Laser Coaching

Wouldn't it be something if a NYT best-selling author could help you fine-tune your in-office marketing? It's not a dream, it's PROLIFIK...

The MNMLST Method™

The Art of The Lean, Green Machine

It all started with a simple concept... build a practice that operates 4-6 days each month, with $1 MM in annual production, one single employee, radically low overhead, an exquisite patient experience and no insurance.

Easy enough, right?


Minimal Overhead

What does it take to reduce your overhead to less than 20% for large cases? In the digital world, anything is possible when you go MNMLST...

Insurance Free

Tired of slashing your fees yet? Everyone says your practice will tank if you drop insurances, so we're here to tell you it's quite the opposite...

Client Experience

How do we curate the most exceptional client journey, keep our overhead low and work 4 days / mo? Life is better inside MNMLST...

The AVANT Masterclass

The Art of Becoming The Hunted

Once we had the system behind the practice, it was time to scale and simplify so that we didn't have to work our tails off for each and every yes to comprehensive & cosmetic treatment plans. Imagery and video to the rescue!

Lights! Camera! Action!

18 CE's (AGD PACE)


Dental Photography

While most dental photos scare patients away, there's a psychology to imagery that sells for you effortlessly, taught click-by-click inside AVANT...

Video Testimonials

You really want to set yourself apart? Learn video. If a picture is worth a thousand words, an emotive patient video review is The LOTR Trilogy.

Virtual Consults

Everyone is jumping onto the virtual consult train... except, not all dentists create equally. So prove to them what you can do, powered by AVANT...

The CREDO Masterclass

Chiseling Boss Clinicians Into Badass CEO's

The world is changing rapidly and the future is upon us... two-tiered dentistry. Which side you land upon is entirely dependent upon your case acceptance, brand-recognition and unflinching commitment to innovative business mastery.

There are "go-to's" and "has-been's". Choose.


An Untouchable Brand

It's one thing to create a logo, throw a few coats of paint on a wall and call yourself a cosmetic dentist. Everyone does that. Untouchable is CREDO...

Bypassing Objections

The gurus teach you to overcome objections with scripts and stock answers. We teach a revelation that bypasses them altogether.

Fearless Case Presentation

Do you sh*t your scrubs when you present the FA, or dish awkward convos off to a $20/hr employee? You'll be unstoppable with CREDO...

The DEFIANT Masterclass

The Art of BioConservative Dentistry

I spent years in jail... literally. Doing dentistry on inmates with just one material at my disposal, a love affair formed with composite as the most universal & biomimetic material on God's green earth, capable of recreating natural beauty.

We're not mechanics; we're magicians.

50 CE's (AGD PACE)


Biomimetic Science

But composite breaks down, chips, stains and looks like sh*t right? Yeah, if you bond with water. How to do it right the first time is DEFIANT...

Resin Veneers

Sure, telling a lab tech what to do is easier. It's just... you want more from dentistry than copy/paste don't you? Creativity looks like DEFIANT...

Class I - VI

You can fix anything with composite, but are you a resin ninja? The magic is in the mystery... which tooth did you actually restore Michaelangelo?


A Business Mentorship Syndicate

Dentistry has plenty to say about how to prep a full arch, or what it takes to seamlessly repair a fractured incisor. It just totally blows at teaching you how to get paid, much less paid well for any and all of it. Your debt will thank you.

PS - we like to say dirty words like "money".


High-End Clientele

This has way more to do with you than it does your patient's pocket books. How to grow this facet of your practice sustainably is HIVE...

Network To Net Worth

The most valuable currency at your disposal at any point in time is your network. Let us show you how to creatively convert that to cashflow.

Profit Margins & Errors

The truth is, dentistry has bought into the lie that more gets you more. If you want more stress and debt, be our guest. The THRIVEStyle™ is HIVE...

The REHAB Masterclass

The Art of Full Mouth Rehab & Airway

Nothing is more life-changing than recreating a client's entire gnathic grill... in the same breath, few procedures carry the same financial return nor weight of responsibility. Every inch of the climb, your understanding will be tested.

REHAB is your sherpa up the dental Everest.


Airway Is Everything

The more science digs, the more it uncovers. The tail has wagged the dog in dentistry for far too long; airway is here to stay in REHAB...

Simplifying The Complex

You can't practice, much less master the complex if it remains clandestine. From diagnosis to occlusion, airway and materials, we simplfy it all.

High-Ticket Sales

Pretend you know how to deliver the perfect 24-unit case. No one cares, unless you can turn knowledge into doing. Sell $50k cases with REHAB...

So about the whole THRIVE thing...


THRIVE is the most dentist-obsessed, educational ecosystem on the planet.

Our life's work in a sentence.

Let’s face it though, it’s a fancy elevator pitch of WHAT we do. Not WHO we are or WHY we do it.

So let's start over again...

Here's the real reason we stop at nothing to reinvent dental CE… every. single. day.


"Who said hustle had to come with the grind?"


Dr. Galen Detrik (that’s me) and Dr. Davina Detrik (that’s my woman crush turned wife turned co-founder of THRIVE) grew up in the hard-working towns of rural New Mexico. 

That's important because....

Many of the so-called ‘gurus’ lead you to believe that “life was hard once, but when you arrive, you too can finally live easy!"

But wait... who said hustle had to come with the grind? Probably someone who wasn't all that good at working in the first place...

We take a different approach...

We love work. Yes, I said LOVE.

It was incepted into our DNA to create and better things, to live autonomously and to pioneer. We are after all, from the wild west!

You just have to know, that when you place value on very real things like creativity, autonomy and leadership, real work and persistence are essential ingredients.


"Why just survive when you can THRIVE?"


There is a fundamental disparity between life-sucking monotony and light-you-the-f*ck-up mission... one drains and the other fuels.

So which do you experience as a dentist?

THRIVE stands for the possibility & power of work weeks you jump out of bed for.

THRIVE stands for immensely profitable days that grow your wealth & better your health.

THRIVE stands for work that satisfies, work that lasts, and work committed to the creation of more Time, Happiness, Relevance, Income, VarietyExperience.

That's WHY we reinvented dental CE...

Each of our products is built with supreme intention, to help you embody a success that never 'arrives', because it's always present.

We’re for the committed, not the comfortable.

We're for the invested, not the interested

We're for the decisive, not the dreamer.


We'd like to welcome you to the THRIVE CEcosystem™.


It's more than an education... it's a way of life.

Let’s create extraordinary together.


Let's start a conversation!



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You'll also be given select opportunities to deepen your learning experience with special pricing on our list of courses inside The THRIVE Ecosystem™.