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We've designed¬†a powerful, yet simple platform for¬†online¬†& in-person CE that will blow your mind¬†ūü§Į NOT your paycheck¬†ūüíł

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Learning & Earning

What good is education without execution? No matter your clinical skill level or business acumen, THRIVE has designed unique ways for you to learn, earn & grow.

The Podcast¬†ūüéôÔłŹ

From $50/hr to now running a $5MM practice and a waitlisted Coaching & Mentorship Program, Drs. Galen & Davina share lessons, experiences and lighten the mood on a field that can feel heavy, but doesn't have to.

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The LAB¬†ūüß™

In 5 years, VIDA Dental Studio has methodically grown from a $500k PPO office, into a $5MM FFS dream practice. The LAB is our precise 12 Course CE Continuum that teaches you how we did it, what we're doing currently and where we're headed so that our mistakes & cheat codes can help you as you craft the vision for YOUR life, business and dentistry.

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Designed for top-performers and high-achievers who want to create something extraordinary, Coaching & Mentorship is tailored to every client. We don't give you fish, we teach you to fish: our systems, your success.

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Where to begin your  journey…

ūüéß The podcast is free, so start there. Subscribe. Watch. Listen. Tell a friend or keep the magic¬†all to yourself¬†ūüėŹ

ūüß™ Next, browse¬†each of the skillsets, datasets & mindsets¬†covered inside The¬†LAB...¬†it's THE MOST EXPANSIVE¬†CONTINUUM in all of dentistry, with 12 unique¬†living and¬†breathing¬†courses that not only teach you how to build the practice of your dreams, but how to ensure you don't lose sight of the main thing as you're building, the life, people, experiences & milestones you build it all for.

ūü§Į Of course, naturally, you'd think it's¬†the most expensive too, right? Well, keep sleuthing¬†Sherlock. You're about to find out (as so many have), that it's actually the MOST¬†affordable price, the MOST concise format and the MOST powerful ROIūüĎáūüŹľ

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Systems & Operations

Ever wish there was a course on how to run a dental practice with fundamental systems, yet infused with your personality?

01 ESNTL will teach you the essential systems & operations you need to build a THRIVING dental practice.

Included In The LAB ūüß™

TX Presentation

How much does it suck knowing you can help someone but struggling to help them see the value in the treatment they need?

02 CREDO will teach you to transform skeptics into die-hard fans that pay you using our creative conversion formula.

Included In The LAB ūüß™

Dental Photography

Pretty pictures are great, but wouldn't it be nice to know how to easily take AND make them do all the telling and selling for you?

03 AVANT will teach you to unlock next level case acceptance with simple photography & avant garde marketing!

Included In The LAB ūüß™

DX & TX Planning

Have you noticed that medicine and dentistry are starting to intersect, and not just that, the issues we're facing are more complex?

04 SIGMA will teach you to pioneer a novel dental & medical protocol for the future of advanced health care.

Included In The LAB ūüß™

Magnetic Marketing

Dentistry is fast becoming a two-tiered industry... will you be among the patient-centric brands that survives and THRIVE's? 

05 VOGUE will teach you to align your core values and convictions with a clean, authentic brand & aesthetic.

Included In The LAB ūüß™

Direct Skillsets

Have you noticed a marked increase in the dental IQ of your patients asking you to preserve their tooth structure with bonding?

06 RECR8 will teach you to master the art and science of bio-emulation utilizing new tech & conservative direct techniques.

Included In The LAB ūüß™

Indirect Skillsets

Ever wanted to do bigger, more profitable & challenging cases but found yourself second-guessing and doubting your abilities?

07 REGEN will teach you to master the art and science of bio-regeneration utilizing new tech & indirect techniques.

Included In The LAB ūüß™

Leadership & Team

Have you ever been told you need to lead a certain way, but found it didn't suit you, that somehow you were just different?

08 HUMAN will teach you to delve into what makes you human and unleash the power of your personality & genetics.

Included In The LAB ūüß™

Health & Fitness

Do you find that dentistry demands so much of you that it often creates life imbalance, from fitness to diet and enjoyment?

09 MBODY will teach you to master psychology and maximize your physiology to embody the healthiest version of you.

Included In The LAB ūüß™

Wealth Generation

Ever feel like you work harder to make more, only to pay bigger bills, more in taxes and somehow end up no further ahead?

10 QNTUM will teach you to generate quantum leaps in your credit, debt & savings goals to escape the 'scarcity loop'.

Included In The LAB ūüß™

Personal Brand

We ask our patients to invest in themselves and uplevel their lives, but ever feel like you could use that same boost in confidence?

11 STYLE will teach you to boldly step into your very own style, a level of magnetism that captivates your audience.

Included In The LAB ūüß™

Exit Strategies

When you take CE with THRIVE, you'll want to practice forever, but have you planned for the inevitable, as well as the unexpected?

12¬†LEGCY¬†will teach you to¬†strategically prepare for your exit plan & legacy as you create a THRIVEStyle Practice‚ĄĘ

Included In The LAB ūüß™

Inside THRIVE¬†LAB¬†ūüß™


Most CE fails in one of two ways:  old content OR old habits.

Either it was recorded back when (old content) or you learn on a Friday, return on a Monday and little changes (old habits)... often a byproduct of the environment, not the educator.

The LAB¬†ūüß™¬†is our answer... dentistry's first and only LIVING AND BREATHING (LAB) educational platform.

We started out in public health, making $54 / hr. Now we run a $5MM practice, employ 15 people and have families. The money is better, the time off is better, but there's nothing easy about this game. New levels come with new challenges, which means as we grow, wouldn't it be nice to be kept in the know?!

That's why¬†The¬†LAB¬†ūüß™ does some truly¬†novel things.

ūü镬†First, we've cut up our videos¬†into bite-size, √ľber consumable pieces that allow you to get what you came for in a concise manner, while also protecting your time.

ūüď≤¬†Second, it's all virtual, saving you time, money and the headaches of traveling.

‚öíÔłŹ¬†Third, we journey with you in REAL-TIME, the highest form of education that pairs learning, with accountability, putting newfound knowledge to work immediately!

The more wins you experience, the more momentum you'll create.

To accomplish this, we focus on just THREE (3) things:


 We focus on honing and simplifying your techniques, protocols & artistry


We focus on analyzing, integrating and enhancing the best tech, software & AI


We focus on curating and challenging a growth mentality in life, business & dentistry


What Comes With¬†THRIVE LAB¬†ūüß™

  • The LAB¬†ūüß™ Continuum
  • The LAB ūüß™Community
  • Clinical Case Thread
  • Instructor Mentorship
  • VIP¬†Product Savings
  • Member's¬†Exclusive CE Buddy Referral Affiliate Earnings
  • Member's Exclusive Pricing On Team Access To The LAB¬†ūüß™
  • 50+ PACE AGD CE Hours
  • BONUS: Member's¬†Only Pricing &¬†Invite To A 2-Day VIDA Dental Studio In-Office, Over-The-Shoulder Business & Clinical CCExperience!
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Membership means immediate access and mind-blowing results!


We¬†designed The¬†LAB¬†ūüß™¬†with intention:¬†20% education, 80% execution.¬† The point is learning PLUS¬†earning.

Results matter (and if you're our people, they matter to you too). So gear up and let's get to work showing you the exact techniques, systems and mentalities we use every day at our practice VIDA Dental Studio, to go from $500/day to over $2,500/hr in less than 5 years!

More importantly, we're going to¬†help YOU win, and fast. Our goal is to help you double your hourly¬†within the first 60 days of joining The¬†LAB¬†ūüß™.

It's not just possible... it's simple, and we have the blueprint.

Welcome to¬†CE that blows minds ūü§Į not paychecks ūüíł

From systems & ops, to photography & marketing, to biomimetics & FMR's... 


We've made lots of mistakes... and we're going to make more. That's why we create courses that LIVE AND BREATHE (LAB). That way you can use our cheat codes, avoid our pitfalls and learn in real-time how to THRIVE as an owner or associate!

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