Coaching. Sadly that term has lost some of its power nowadays, having become synonymous with consulting, or repurposed personal growth & development quotes of the day.

But that's not what coaching is. Not at all.

I'm a coach. That means I'm a CREATIVE DIRECTOR for your life, business and relationship goals, someone who will believe in the vision you have for what you want to build, experience or become even when you cannot. I help you see a way through, shifting into brand new gears you didn't know you had.

And trust me, if your vision is scary enough (from creating a side hustle in dentistry, to eclipsing a financial milestone or rearranging your personal life and everything in between), there will be times when you lose a battle or two and in turn, lose your faith.

Fear takes hold, doubt creeps in and you second guess yourself, your mission, your purpose, pressing pause on your calling.

And it's in those moments, that I am your vision's best asset.

I've been working 1-on-1 with clients for almost a decade, and I specialize in bringing back to life those dreams you can't stop thinking about, those goals you can't shake, those memories you must create and experience before you no longer can.

Coaching isn't quotable, but it is quantifiable. RESULTS matter.

That's why the work we do is definitive, difficult and done in secret, more times than the ordinary person could ever imagine. Coaching takes ordinary people like you and I, and gives us the chance at extraordinary lives, magnetic businesses, profound relationships and memories for a lifetime.

Do you have a vision you want to bring to life? Let's go! 👇🏽


Hi, I’m Dr. Davina Detrik and I guide leaders to their true potential!

If you are a leader or know you're ready to step into being one, you’re in the perfect place. 

To see if we are a fit, I have a few questions for you that you'll find below. Take your time and answer them with honesty, integrity & detail. I want to know where you are now, and where you want to go!

After I’ve received and read through your application, my assistant will reach out to you with next steps toward building your big vision.

Let's do the damn thing.



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