When I imagine the apocalypse, I envision mass pandemonium. An utter shit fest with people freaking out, everything on fire and buildings crumbling down.

Insert a shockingly gorgeous woman who in the midst of it all doesn't seem to give two shits about the shit. As the world burns to ash and hysteria ensues, her coined phrase “I'm not available for that” echoes beyond her lips as she strolls through blazing streets and blinding chaos.

Her confident gate leaving behind the destruction, she silently rallies her troops who are simultaneously mesmerized by her nonchalant prowess yet pensively asking themselves “Who the fuck is this bad bitch?”

It's at this precise moment, when the film screeches to an abrupt halt that we're all left asking “Will the real Davina please stand up?”

Dr. Davina Detrik is the larger than life CEO and co-founder of The THRIVE Dentists. A dentist herself, elite power coach and consultant, wife, mother and Jedi mental master, simply put she's an intellectual badass.

With her charming personality, distinct fashion sense and bold attitude, Dr. Detrik has made revolutionary strides in the dental industry, reinventing what most ever thought was possible.

She has been on the TEDX stage, lectured at conferences inside and outside dentistry, appeared on podcasts, and has even been published in magazines among a slew of other accomplishments too numerous to count.

It doesn’t stop there though. She and her husband Dr. Galen Detrik are well on their way to transforming the very topography we walk on as they continue to detonate each dated blockade along the way - all the while creating a path for others following their lead.

“A long time ago now, we decided to give zero fucks about what people think if it came from a place of fear, and committed ourselves to designing a business and life we could be unapologetically proud of. In the end, my job is not to submit to the opinions of others; my job is to submit to God.”

This was the mindset back of how THRIVE was born.

THRIVE is an elite coaching and continuing education firm created as an empowered answer to dentists who know they don't belong, challenging them to rise to their fullest potential and THRIVE.

Dr. Detrik states “We created THRIVE exclusively for those who are seeking to give up a life of the mundane, for the extraordinary.”

A dentist now turned elite power coach and consultant, she was prompted to explain her decision in making the career shift.

She answered as you'd imagine she would, boldly:

“The truth is, I've always been into hacking the mental game. Since I was a kid, I was hopelessly fascinated by how others think, and have refined my gift over the past several decades for seeing others’ blind spots. Yes dentistry has given me so so much. AND I know for a fact that coaching is my higher calling.”

She explains further:

“When we started THRIVE I told myself ‘I want to work with the coolest dentists on the planet’ and that is exactly what has happened. I still get excited when I witness my clients reach a growth edge. My role is to live in POSSIBILITY and to push them past the barriers that stopped everyone else who came before."

Growing up as an only child in small town New Mexico, Dr. Detrik identified as a nomad passing through. She boldly decided that the lifestyle she was born into wasn’t the same she'd depart this world with.

“Growing up we didn't have much and I'm thankful for that. In my opinion it gave me a monumental advantage - nothing scared me. I didn’t need the comforts others did. To me, comfort never equated to safety, it represented a handicap.”

At the age of 16, Dr. Detrik graduated high school and blazed a trail of her own, becoming the first in her town to receive a professional degree.

While in dental school, she met her counterweight and now husband, Dr. Galen Detrik, a man she claims to be the most fascinating person she's ever met.

After graduating dental school, Drs. Detrik quickly found themselves disenchanted by the lack of creativity, autonomy and growth in their career of choice. “We knew that wasn't the life we were meant for. So we made a tough choice to go to the mat and completely re-engineer our lives.”

This did not come without substantial risk and sacrifice on their part.

They drained their savings and opened credit cards to work with some of the best coaches, CEO's and strategists in the world, wading into 6-figure debt.

“The journey was arduous. We had two kids and next to nothing left in the tank to give. There were times when our bank accounts were zeroed out, maxed out cards and crushing responsibilities mounting. But we never let that stop us. We knew God hadn't led us this far just to leave us behind. So we kept pushing, working hard, all the while trusting in the process.”

What started off as painfully slow progress has since ignited into an explosive movement we now know as THRIVE, a revolution that has left their audience in a tailspin, marveling at the confounding results.

Drs. Detrik’s life is a creative statement, one they've always envisioned, a symbiotic masterpiece where all gets to work together in it's perfect time.

“I look back and am just amazed at all that we have accomplished. What began as just a seed of thought is now an ever expanding reality. I think we were just dreamers who never stopped long enough to be terrified by it's enormity!”

Their influence continually grows as does their impact, both working closely with survivors and rescuers of human and sex-trafficking.

“I want my work to propagate, to have a ripple effect - each one, teach one."

When asked if she feels she's close to accomplishing what she initially set out to build, Dr. Detrik rests her head back and whispers a verse from Genesis 26:4 - “Your descendants will be as numerous as the stars in the sky.”

And to that I say "Amen."


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