In our 12 Masterclass Continuum, DEFIANT is Step 6 and the foundation of minimally invasive, clinically excellent dentistry.

To deliver the latest evidence-based, beautiful restorative work possible, we must understand how to mimic nature. From Class IV's to Smile Transformations, resin and ceramic pave the way as the most bio-compatible and lifelike modalities by which we recreate what was lost and enhance that which is.

We begin our study of recreative mastery with composites under the guidance of Dr. Galen Detrik. Class I-VI, resin veneers two ways (both simple and complex) and the published Lumisynchroma Layering Technique, it's all you need and more.

Next we turn our attention to the world of ceramics, peeling back the curtain on how the best in the world perfected his craft. Dr. Carlos de Carvalho's work is internationally acclaimed, and for the first time ever he's showcasing his workflow and mindset, start to finish, as it pertains to all things veneers.

From digital impressions & smile design, to case acceptance, proper isolation, prep to post-op, occlusion and material selection (even down to his clinical organization and bur kits), there is no other course like DEFIANT on the planet!


The most comprehensive curriculum for RECREATING and ENHANCING nature, preserving the dentition, perfecting beauty and becoming respected for excellence in the art and science of biomimetic smile transformations!




Inside LVL 1 - Concept, we'll share with you several resin and ceramic case studies as evidence of what's possible and why it matters. We'll also dive into digital smile design & photography as the first elements of case acceptance!

Inside LVL 2 - Business, we'll guide you step-by-step through the systems, workflow and organization that is imperative to deliver the highest and best clinically, from both Dr. Detrik and Dr. Carvalho's own practices.

Biomimetic and cosmetic dentistry take time and expertise, which most dental models can't sustain. We'll show you how to charge the right amount, get creative with your clientele's budgetary limitations, how to craft a new schedule & more!

Inside LVL 3 - Technique, nothing is off limits in terms of the skillsets and clinical applications of both resin and ceramic restorative techniques.

Dr. Detrik will show you how to go from dental mechanic to dental magician with composite resin, from the broad strokes of material selection, primary anatomy & instrumentation, to the finest of details in tertiary anatomy, nuances & polish. Everything is covered, from Class I's and Class VI's to resin veneers two ways.

Dr. Carvalho will then show you what is required to achieve iconic status as a veneer guru, unleashing his vast reservoir of knowledge, from proper rubber damology, preparation styles & scientific data, to post-op protocols, occlusal stability and dental photography!

In other words, DEFIANT has one primary goal - to exhaust every question a dentist could have about the utility of composite & ceramic with battle-tested answers, inspired presentations and simple language for ease of mastery!

LVL 1 is a prerequisite to LVL's 2 & 3.*


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   LIFETIME Slack Mentorship

   LIFETIME Platform Access

   LVL 1: Concept

   LVL 2: Business

   LVL 3: Technique

40 CE's


Meet Dr. Galen Detrik and Dr. Carlos de Carvalho, your DEFIANT Sherpas on your creative journey of becoming a magician of composite sculpting and ceramic wizardry. Embody, educate and empower, The DEFIANT Masterclass Collection is 30+ years of error & success, tailored to you.

Dr. Galen Detrik is a precision cosmetic & total health dentist in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He has been published on the cover of the JCD for an innovative composite layering technique, the cover of Inside Dentistry for the utility of dental photography in perfecting aesthetics, has lectured and taught workshops at the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry among other dental congresses, led the first 3-Day hands-on intensive at the Center for Esthetic Excellence on resin and photography, and is the pioneer of the ESSNTL Practice Model, the most optimized version of clinical dentistry in existence!

Carlos de Carvalho, DDS, MSc, PhD, is internationally renowned for his expertise in operative dentistry and prosthodontics. The owner of a practice in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, he has specific interests in esthetic dentistry, oral implantology and dental photography. Awarded the cover of the Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry in 2017 and their first visual essay, his desire always is to capture detail & beauty that makes the audience learn and feel something, leaving inspired to create themselves. You'll be hard pressed to find a more well-respected, clinically excellent dentist no matter how long you look.

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