In our 12 Masterclass Continuum, REHAB is Step 7 and focuses intently on the simplification of the Everest of dentistry, FULL MOUTH REHABILITATION! This particular technique is inextricably linked to occlusion & airway, budding fields of study in modern medicine and dentistry, and must be mastered to thrive as a practice of the future. This Masterclass Collection is all you need to know and comes with LIFETIME Content, meaning with such an expansive topic such as airway, occlusion and FMR, as more evidence-based study comes to light, you get access to that new information at no additional cost!


The most comprehensive curriculum for REHABILITATING and HEALING complex restorative patients, from airway to occlusion, functional pattern recognition & more!




Inside LVL 1 - Concept, we'll share with you several FMR and FMR + Airway case studies as evidence of what's possible and why it matters. We'll also dive into the power of video testimonials and educational content anchors to propel your case acceptance for complex dentistry into a new stratosphere as you master the art of healing!

Inside LVL 2 - Business, we'll guide you step-by-step through the systems, workflow and organization that is imperative to deliver the highest and best clinically, from both Dr. Detrik and Dr. Bennett's own practices.

Treatment planning and phasing large, complex cases can be overwhelming, taxing the traditional practice model and practitioner. That's why we're going to demystify it all, empowering you to simplify your armamentarium and approach while simultaneously helping you diagnose, treatment plan, present & leverage your craftsmanship!

Inside LVL 3 - Technique, nothing is off limits in terms of the skillsets and clinical applications of full mouth rehabilitation, airway, occlusion and ceramic restorative techniques.

Dr. Detrik will show you how as a student of Dr. Bennett's, he has in a short order implemented the techniques taught inside REHAB and defined a large part of his practice and patient demand by their principles. In fact he has become known for healing dentistry, transforming the lives of clients who had suffered from chronic neck, back & TM  pain, difficulty breathing at night, sleep apnea, malocclusions and more. He'll prove to you that it's possible for anyone and that it doesn't take years or wildly expensive continuums to learn what he has and to integrate Day 1!

Dr. Bennett will then show you what is required to achieve iconic status as an FMR + Airway guru, unleashing his vast reservoir of knowledge of nearly 25 years in practice, from pattern recognition, preparation styles & scientific data, to post-op protocols, occlusal stability, airway management and the power of healing! With literally tens of thousands of FMR restorative units placed, he knows a thing or two. Having studied with the absolute best in nearly every continuum there is, taught at the Pacific Aesthetic Continuum and at the University level, paired with an immense knowledge base of business, practice acquisition, production optimization and more, there's no one better at the helm than Dr. Bennett!

In other words, REHAB has one primary goal - to exhaust every question a dentist could have about the utility of FMR, Occlusion & Airway with battle-tested answers, inspired presentations and simple language for ease of mastery!

LVL 1 is a prerequisite to LVL's 2 & 3.*







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   LIFETIME Slack Mentorship

   LIFETIME Platform Access

   LVL 1: Concept

   LVL 2: Business

   LVL 3: Technique

40 CE's


Meet Dr. Galen Detrik and Dr. David Bennett, your REHAB Sherpas on the monumental journey of simplifying, mastering & integrating FMR + Airway into your practice!

Dr. Galen Detrik is a precision cosmetic & total health dentist in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He has been published on the cover of the JCD for an innovative composite layering technique, the cover of Inside Dentistry for the utility of dental photography in perfecting aesthetics, has lectured and taught workshops at the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry among other dental congresses, led the first 3-Day hands-on intensive at the Center for Esthetic Excellence on resin and photography, and is the pioneer of the ESSNTL Practice Model, the most optimized version of clinical dentistry in existence!

Dr. David Bennett is a cosmetic & rehabilitative dentist in Denver, Colorado. He has been practicing for over 20 years and in that span, has started two practices from scratch, bought three and consistently 3-4X their production. His tenure as an instructor with the Pacific Aesthetic Continuum was a simple next step, after being mentored by Dr. Rosenthal and Dr. Spear. He's taken every major occlusion and airway continuum you can think of, instructed at the university level, and currently practices at two of his locations, focused primarily on comprehensive dentistry. REHAB is his wealth of knowledge packaged as only he can do it, weaving together thousands of hours of CE into a single course on the bleeding edge of dentistry itself.

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