What better way is there to get a pulse on if this is for you, than watching our an introductory module. Inside we outline ESNTL, our first course on systems and operations, the essential ingredients you need to run a thriving dental practice or own one day in the future.



The LAB 🧪 is all about simple lessons from real, practicing dentists.

We cover everything from systems and ops, to case acceptance pearls, photography hacks, marketing tactics, simple direct and indirect clinical techniques, team and office culture, health and staying fit, wealth creation, personal style, even exit strategies!

It's also THE most affordable continuum in CE on the planet.

We've been blessed with a successful practice, killer patients, a rockstar team and an awesome partnership. Heck we're still chairside, pushing the boundaries of what's possible and staying on the bleeding edge of tech and techniques. We do this because it's fun, plain and simple. We're big nerds and apparently we don't spend enough time together at the office 🤣

Granted, dentistry can be a tough gig. We know this all too well.

Our journey began as most fairytales do... with associateships that imploded after a year.

And what looked like a setback... well, got worse. Three (3) years later our dental school friends were crushing it in corporate or had their own shops, while we were hammering away in public health, working 5 days / week making $54/hr and feeling like failure to launch 😫🚀

But hope remained! What didn't kill us, made us stronger (and maxed out our CC's) 😔💸

We've spent the last 7 years starting practices from scratch then buying practices; taking insurances then getting off insurances; registering for hands-on courses then teaching them (AACD, CEE and more).

Long story short, we made lots of mistakes along the way, from earning less than our hygienists, to now running a $5.1MM FFS practice where we get to take 12 weeks off each year and do the kind of dentistry that excites and challenges us.

The LAB is the synthesis of 12 ultra-powerful and succinct course topics that build upon one another to achieve a singular objective: an efficient, cash-flowing (and growing) practice that looks and feels like YOU, not somebody else's model that nullified your creativity.

Learn from our mistakes, use our cheat codes... but do clinical, business & life YOUR way 🧠🎨

The LAB is designed by dentists, FOR dentists. Simple business systems and operations, plug & play marketing strategies, masterful direct & indirect clinical techniques, and more than that... a life well-lived, filled with memories and experiences you're proud of.

Welcome to THRIVE... we do CE that blows your mind, NOT your paycheck 🤯🧪



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