In our 12 Masterclass Continuum, TRAFIK is Step 4 and takes a bold new approach to social media and visibility.

In an era where people are tired of the same old content, influencer status is dying and eyes scroll endlessly in search of novelty, we slow things way down and give them something fresh, that we lovingly call, "locally grown" - because anyone can buy followers; very few can build a following.

We've worked with some of the highest level media execs in the world and oddly enough, they all say the same thing about who people remember... one hit wonders are everywhere, but the story of the under dog who never lost sight of their roots is a story that has us all begging for more!

So we studied what ACTUALLY moves people, the metrics that truly matter, and our findings will likely have you feeling like you've been lied to all along!

TRAFIK is the best news you've heard all day, because if you're an introvert or a busy clinician, you're in the perfect place!

Dillon J. Shook (your primary TRAFIK Instructor) is a wildly creative person who loathed the idea of needing to compromise his engrained aesthetic and self-proclaimed introvert vibe to build a following on social media.

Dr. Galen Detrik (your secondary TRAFIK instructor) runs three successful businesses including a cosmetic and total health dental practice, is married, has two young kids and couldn't wrap his brain around the notion of needing to pump out endless, low-level content in the name of "consistency".

All of it felt off brand to the two of them, and if they're honest, that $100k investment in the world's top rated media agency for social media taught them a brutal lesson... if social media isn't enjoyable, it won't be successful.

What they'll teach you in TRAFIK is rare... so rare in fact, no one else teaches it. They're going to help you unleash your wildest creativity, tell yours and your patients stories, step into the limelight on your terms, and create a real following the sustainable way, that snowballs and never loses momentum!


The most comprehensive curriculum for CRAFTING and CURATING a unique brand and style that showcases what you and only you are capable of, that reimagines how we tell stories on social platforms, how we engage people, how we optimize our introverted creativity and build a loyal following.




Inside LVL 1 - Concept, Dillon will share with you social media concepts and case studies that transform the way you show up online. Renewing you energy and excitement, he'll breakdown the analytics of your page, what to pay attention to and which metrics are absolute garbage. He'll also walk you through a few examples of posts that hit and a few that didn't, exposing their strengths and weaknesses so you can learn from them!

Inside LVL 2 - Business, both instructors make an appearance to share with you how to optimize and utilize your presence online to bring specific awareness to what you do. This is the business end of social media, and we think you'll love it because it has nothing to do with paid ads, costly giveaways, or boosting posts. These routes up the mountain are shortcuts and actually dilute your brand in time, making it so much harder to rebuild and repair.

Instead we'll put in place a simple, sustainable system that feels good to you, that should look like no one else's, that wins in the only column that matters... building a loyal following that knows and trusts you and heads to your website to find out more! The stress of posting x amount of times and at specific moments melts away with our method and social media becomes fun, exciting, and easy once again!

Inside LVL 3 - Technique, we lay on the sauce of creativity and innovation, letting you step into the drivers seat of your online presence. We'll help you discover your story, what makes you unique, and prove to you why that will always matter, even if an algorithm changes or likes are taken away!

Want to know how we create beautiful carousels on Instagram, repurpose them for Facebook saving us work, how we engage our audience to build trust, and what it takes to become a graphic design wizard in no time? For the pros, Dillon instructs you click-by-click through Photoshop, watching his screen as he build out posts that are works of art, that tell a story and keep eyes on your pages and posts far longer than the standard "Brush, Floss, Smile" space filler post you're audience has become accustomed to!

Dr. Detrik then instructs the newbies out there, click-by-click how to do things no one imagined possible, all inside Keynote. No matter your skill level, you'll walk away from TRAFIK able to create beautiful, aesthetic, educational & inspiring posts that feed your audience. He'll also introduce you to his "Circadian Rhythm" approach to posting, so you never feel stress or shame around the timing and frequency of social media posts!

LVL 1 is a prerequisite to LVL's 2 & 3.*







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   LIFETIME Slack Mentorship

   LIFETIME Platform Access

   LVL 1: Concept

   LVL 2: Business

   LVL 3: Technique

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   LIFETIME Slack Mentorship

   LIFETIME Platform Access

   LVL 1: Concept

   LVL 2: Business

   LVL 3: Technique

20 CE's



No need to reinvent the wheel, especially when it works so incredibly well! We're including several of our favorite Instagram Carousel Template Designs just for you!!!

Meet Dillon J. Shook and Dr. Galen Detrik, your TRAFIK Sherpas on the road back to the beginning of your story, your locally grown, globally known tale of the underdog who stuck to their principles and succeeded where so many bright sparks on social came and went. We want to invite you into a fresh, much needed approach on social media that keep all the good, gets rid of all the bad and opens up doors of creativity and expansion in ways you never thought were possible!

Dillon J. Shook is a professional photographer and filmmaker from Los Angeles, CA. He's been published in the JCD, Inside Dentistry, Nude Magazine, campaigns for Red Bull, MVMT Watches, Forever 21 and tons more! He is now the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of The THRIVE Dentists and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise, as well as endless creativity to the table when it comes to brand storytelling, visual real estate online and a luxe aesthetic.

Dr. Galen Detrik is a precision cosmetic & total health dentist in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He has been published on the cover of the JCD for an innovative composite layering technique, the cover of Inside Dentistry for the utility of dental photography in perfecting aesthetics, has lectured and taught workshops at the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry among other dental congresses, led the first 3-Day hands-on intensive at the Center for Esthetic Excellence on resin and photography, and consistently evolves his virtual client shopping experiencel to reach patients all over the world, with 40% of his clientele now flying in to see him for cosmetic and total health treatment!

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It absolutely is, and is by far and away the most immersive 12 month experience in dental CE that money can buy.

Your understanding of business will skyrocket, your quality of life will transform for the better, your mental fortitude will rival that of the best in the game, and your clinical skillsets, content creation, social presence, demand and command of the market and so much more will genuinely blow you away!

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