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The Vogue Masterclass


So let's create a virtual shopping experience for them, shall we! To be successful in a world that seems to change at an increasingly rapid rate can feel exhausting. But that's because most practices are BEHIND, subject to fluctuations in the market and passing trends.

VOGUE disrupts that model for good, helping you design your very own patient shopping experience through VIRTUAL DEMAND.


The Marketing Style of The Future!

An [inside] look at Dr. Detrik's virtual fly-in client experience through their eyes, the result of SIX (6) CRUCIAL STEPS Team THRIVE carefully isolated as the reason any virtual consult system converts. Each is briefly outlined below and should you decide to take the Masterclass, a comprehensive deep-dive into each step of the exact process is all things Vogue...


The Steps Explained...

You may or may not have a virtual consult link in your social bio or on your website. That's the easy part. The question is do people click it or are you frustrated, wondering what to do next? We've created Six (6)Steps to optimize it's conversion rate, which done right, not only cost you nothing, but will save you money by virtualizing your new patient workflow!



It all starts with excellent dentistry that you DOCUMENT! Without imagery, video and more (Avant's 6 Mediums of Storytelling), a virtual consult link on your website or Instagram bio will literally go untapped, just like your potential. That's because you're missing virtual conversation starters that educate, engage and inspire someone to book with you in the first place.


One of the best elements of VOGUE is that everything aside from the dentistry itself, is virtual. Do the dentistry and get it out there, that's the name of the game. Inside we'll show you precisely which 6 Avant Mediums work where, the power of RAW and LUXE duality, and how to encourage the consumption of your content. 


By nature of producing content, good or bad, you will start to become visible for what you do. But... that's not enough, because to click your link, they have to start talking about YOU. It has to grab them and refuse to let them go. That means your content has to be powerful and dynamic. Well, no worries, there is a time-tested science to it.


Take notice that only NOW are we at virtual consultation! The systems and checklists are the easy part, and you will find that this step is either something you already have in place that under-performs, or that you can setup in a weekend. However, we've got some patient psychology bonuses unique to VOGUE, that give you stage presence and command in each consultation!


Undeniably the most crucial step of all, it's also the one everyone neglects! Not only will we guide you to an alpha presence on consults, but we'll provide you with HACTICS (habits + tactics) to bypass the most common of patient objections like price, time and pain, as well as proprietary virtual questionnaires that give you critical insight into HOW your patient makes decisions!


They said HELL YES to records and put money down! Now you say OH S***!?! It occurs to you that you don't know how to obtain initial records, impressions, or a wax-up? What about the patient experience, the flights, the next steps? And God forbid something goes wrong, a temporary breaks... what do you do?! No worries, I've made the mistakes and created the solutions.

Inside Vogue ...

Twelve (12) virtual modules with everything you need to know to create a virtual consultation system within your practice, what visuals to use and when to use them, patient psychology, how to bypass objections, how to optimize your comprehensive case conversion PLUS a few tricks for predicting the future!

checklists & systems

Three (3) modules where we hammer out the logistics of virtual consultations, from checklists to systems and so much more...

objections & science

Three (3) modules where we walk you through patient psychology, brain science and conversion tactics that actually work...

brand & conversion

Three (3) modules where we introduce you to the six visual storytelling mediums that optimize each and every consultation...

futurism & virtualism

Three (3) modules where we train you on how to analyze trends, anticipate them and accurately create them to stay ahead... 

Virtual Clientele

Below are just a few of Dr. Detrik's 2019 clients totaling more than $100k in comprehensive tx plans based upon his virtual conversion system! Experience your first virtual consult HELL YES using VOGUE and you'll quickly understand why Dr. Detrik created this Masterclass! Applicable to BOTH local AND global patients, the massive practice benefits of virtualizing your consults is endless when it comes to ease, comfort, efficiency, productivity & conversion rates!

MP4 Audio Recordings

Sometimes you just want to re-listen to something, learn while you're on your morning commute, hitting the treadmill, or an airplane. No to worry, we've got you covered...

LIVE Mentorship & Guidance

Dr. Detrik himself will walk you through the process of setting up your system on group calls, where you can ask him anything. LIVE critiques, Q&A, screen-sharing, and more...

LIFETIME Content & 8 CE's

We have a saying in our company, that the better it gets, the better it gets. Nothing is more true than when you realize you pay once and never again for all of VOGUE...

 Pricing goes up

The VOGUE Masterclass began on March 26th. Doors will stay open perpetually, however the price goes up and the clock starts ticking on your exclusive mentorship with Dr. Galen Detrik thru April 30th!









The Vogue Masterclass

how to create virtual demand for your real-world practice



  • access to VOGUE platform March 26th
  • twelve (12) step-by-step virtual modules
  • twelve (12) audio only mp4s for on the go
  • four (4) accessory pdf’s and checklists
  • personality forms and virtual consultation intake forms
  • patient objection short list and how to bypass them
  • lifetime content & membership
  • two (2) group mentorship sessions 
  • eight (8) CE credits
  • PLUS a super cool BONUS at checkout!


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